Comparison of Germline Mutations In African American And Caucasian Men With Metastatic Prostate Cancer

Elisa M. Ledet PhD, Earle F. Burgess MD, Alexandra O. Sokolova MD, Ellen B. Jaeger BS, Whitley Hatton MS, Marcus Moses MS, Patrick Miller MPH, Patrick Cotogno MS, Jodi Layton MD, Pedro Barata MD, Brian E. Lewis MD, Mari Nakazawa MD, Jason Zhu MD, Beth Dellinger MS, Sara Elrefai MD, Nellie N. Nafissi MD, Jan B. Egan PhD, Neal Shore MD, Rana R. McKay MD, Alan H. Bryce MD, Heather H. Cheng MD, PhD, Emmanuel S. Antonarakis MD, Oliver Sartor MD

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