Dr. Neal Shore (Carolina Urologic Research Center, AtIantic Urology Clinics) is the consummate physician and professional. Over ten years and two prostate cancer treatments and followups, he has been my “go to” doctor, and at my age I see several physicians.
Dr. Shore always has been forthcoming about the situation, given me the medical facts, answered my questions — and made me feel like he cares about me as a person. For me, he hits that sometimes difficult balance of professional and personal. That’s important to me as a medical patient.
I extend this positive review to Leslie Oleszkowicz, NP, who has seen me on some recent visits. In fact, my positive review applies to almost all of the nurses, support staff, who have helped me for a a decade. I include the staff at CURC.
Put me down as a pleased patient, a very happy camper.

“Dear Becca,

Thank you for the patience, kindness, respect, and concern you continuously exhibited towards Mr. Crawford.

Daryl had a special knack of getting close to people very quickly and I know that he trusted you and loved you as if you were a family member. You always made his appointments a special time for a personal visit as well – very comforting considering the seriousness of his illness.

His life was far too short and our dreams were yet to unfold. I will miss him immensely but have the peace to know he was loved and cared for like no other facing similar challenges. I appreciate your availability to us regardless of office hours – cancer is 24/7 and can use all the prayers possible for the healing desperately needed.

Thank you again and know you were greatly appreciated and loved back. God bless you Becca.”

“Dear Dr. Shore,
Let me take this opportunity to commend you and your wonderful staff on the professional and courteous manner in which I was treated during my office visits, and clinical trial. I have never seen a staff so happy and caring, day in and day out, as the one at Grand Strand Urology and Carolina Urologic Research Center. This is a reflection on you and the management staff in your offices.

Nicole, who works in the Research Center, always had a smile on her face. She made my wife, Alice, and me feel like family during this difficult and trying time.

MJ, in the Urology office, also was very reassuring during my visits in her area. Again, let me thank you very much for taking care of me during those trying times, and especially for the results!”


“Dear Dr. Shore and Staff,
Happy holidays! Thanks for taking care of Flash and me. Thanks for your dedication, care and love that you provide for us. You guys are the best!”


“Thank you so very much for the wonderful care and concern you showed us during Joe’s treatments. You are surely a treasure. Your ability to listen and explain with patience is much appreciated.”


“Stacey, it had been so comfortable and comforting to have you on that end keeping us up on what is happening, handling us when we are there, and all the things you do behind the scenes. Thank you so much. There are so many scary things on the horizon within the health care issues and here and now there is a competent, effective operation caring for patients. We really appreciate it.”


“Dear Dr Shore,
I want to take this opportunity to thank you personally for your dedication to your profession and for the personal care you have provided me over the time I have been under your care. A person’s life is very precious. I believe each of us was divinely created and we are placed on this earth for specific reasons. I believe you have made it possible for me to increasing enjoy the wonders of God’s world, and to find ways in which I may serve Him more effectively. I also want to comment of the services of Stacy Simpson. I have found her to have a caring personality, and professionally competent. I am very happy she is part of your staff. Again, thank you very much for your caring compassion..”


“Thank you for all you are doing for us. Our trips to Myrtle Beach are like mini-vacations with time together in the car, little shopping visits, a trip to Cracker Barrel and the time together on the way home. You and the study have made this possible for us. Thank you.”


“Just a few words to let you know your ‘girl Friday’, Jennifer Griffith, is an angel for the outstanding care she gives me! Jennifer is compassionate and competent, with all the qualities to make my life so much better. Your patients and your office are in a much better position due to her dedication and professionalism. My sincere thanks beyond words.”

“I am so grateful to have met Stacey Harrelson. She has a golden heart and has helped me through some trying times, even when she was just listening.


The Medical Profession needs more of her kind. Stacey, you and your loved ones are in my daily prayers.”
Thanks again…your friend –


“I just wanted to say thanks for all you guys do to try to help Roy, my dad, and others. My dad ALWAYS speaks very highly of Dr Shore and the entire operation and rightly believes that the care and concern of the entire staff is the primary reason he is still here. We do telehealth remote monitoring and when I talk to my dad, he is always smiling about the technology and how he will hopefully be able to help others down the road by participating. Personally, I am pleased there are groups like yours who don’t take things as the status quo but are willing to push the envelope and try new techniques that will hopefully beat this. Just wanted to say a quick thanks to you all for everything you are doing and trying to do. As a pilot, I know that when things don’t go as I planned I can’t just sit around and wait for the inevitable to happen -I need to try something else. Keep up the great work !!!!”
With my Best Regards and Gratitude –


“Dear Dr. Shore, I appreciate your advice about waiting until there is a concrete indication before starting Jetvana. I am presently enjoying my first break from chemotherapy in a year, and it has been very welcomed indeed. This weekend I cycled the Cooper River bridge, and it was just beautiful and a good stiff workout. You too should remember that it was in dealing with you that I first felt some hope. To quote you Dr. Shore, “You should be optimistic!” I will never forget that, since it turned my life around.”


“I just wanted to say how inspiring you and your staff have been for me during this long and difficult time. I would like to thank you for your dedication and astute professionalism regarding my condition and also for your care and treatment of my father. I truly feel that I’ve been blessed with the best team of medical professionals of which you lead.

Thank you again for the quality of life you have given back to me. Knowing I have you and your staff at my back keeps me in the fight …and happy.”
Thanks –